Costume Ideas for Short People

If you're a little on the short side, why not make it work to your advantage next Halloween and choose a costume in which shortness will be an asset? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Fairy: Petite girls make great fairies and other breeds of woodland folk. Accessorize short dresses and tights with fake leaves and flowers to become a woodland sprite; add wings and become a fairy or nymph.

Leprechaun: Pick up some ugly green slacks, jacket, and tie from a thrift store, then pick up a green top hat from a party supply store. For an extra nice touch, add a pouch of fake gold coins or chocolate coins you can share with the people you meet.

Elf: Dig out your old stocking cap, attach a bell to the top, and sew bells on a pair of red or green socks you can slip over shoes. Wear a red or green skirt and shirt paired with cute tights, or opt for green slacks with a red button-up shirt and green vest, and you've achieved instant elf.

Baby: Short girls and guys have the ideal body type for pulling off the baby costume. Wear a cloth “diaper” made with a sheet or towel, grab a pacifier and a rattle, and you're good to go. Girls can opt for short baby-doll dresses and pigtails to complete the look.

By choosing a Halloween costume that works well with your own personal assets and uniqueness, you'll convey a sense of authenticity, realism, and humor that the other trick-or-treaters will love.

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