Dressing like a sexy cat for Halloween

Dressing like a sexy cat for Halloween

Sexy Halloween costume idea

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to dress up and have some fun. You can sport a funny costume, a scary costume or a sexy, as well as daring costume. You could even dress up as your favorite animal and put a sexy turn to it. This is what many ladies do every year when they dress up as the ultimate purr-fectly sexy kitten.

First, they think color. Do they want to be a pure white cat or a daring black cat? Most women will prefer to go with the black since most men will say that black is the sexiest of all colors.

Next, they will begin building their outfit. Luckily, this outfit is one that is built for comfort and sex appeal. It will center on a basic leotard of one’s color choice. However, most will again stick to the basic black color. Next, one can add any of these pieces: short shorts, a mini skirt or a pair of fitted leggings. The finishing touching is a pair of fishnet stockings and either a pair of black high heel shoes or tall black boots.

The accessories are the fun part, as well as a major part of the outfit. These can include: cat’s ears, long black painted fingernails, a fluffy cat tail, a daring cat color and don’t forget the whiskers.

Makeup should be applied in a dramatic way. This would include emphasizing one’s eyes with a smoky look. One should think about using dark grays, blues as well as dark eye mascara and eyeliners. One may even wish to sweep the eye shadow pass their eyes a bit for an even more dramatic appeal. The final touch should be adding a bit of dark or red lipstick to one’s lips.

As for one’s hair, one should definitely think volume and wild, as they are styling. One should also consider how a real cat’s hair looks when they are angry or startled. This is the effect one wants.