Experience Halloween Horror Night

Experience Halloween Horror Night

My Halloween experience at Universal Studios

Back during my freshman year at college, a group of friends invited me to go with them to Universal Studios to have some spooky fun during the night of Halloween.  At first, I was hesitant about going due to the fact that I had an exam at 9 a.m. the next day.  But then after a few more phone calls from buddies of mine, I gave in, and decided to go to the amusement park with them.

For as long as I could remember, I had always been a "scaredy" cat.  Anytime someone sneaked up behind me, I would jump and yell.  Whenever I did manage to gather the courage to go to the theater to watch a scary movie, I had always ended up being the one to scream out loud.  So even before heading into Universal Studios, I was prepared to get spooked plenty of times throughout the night.

As soon as I walked through the gates of Universal Studios, I experienced my first scare for the evening.  One of the park’s staff had sneaked up behind me with a chainsaw, and he got me really good.  From that moment on, I made sure I was always holding at least one of my friend’s hands. 

Through the course of the night, my friends and I made sure to walk through every single haunted house.  We also waited in line to get on most of the rides there.  It was an awesome experience. So even though I ended up doing not so well on my exam the next morning, I never once regretted my decision to go to Halloween Horror Night that year.