Halloween party game ideas

Halloween party game ideas

Games to play during your family Halloween party

Do you want your family to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween this year? Do you want to know that your kids are safe and still make sure that they have a Halloween that is memorable? Have you thought about hosting your own Halloween party?

The party can be a neighborhood event. You can invite all the neighbors you trust, including the kids. Everyone can dress up in the best costumes. The costumes can include the spookiest, the prettiest and the funniest ideas they can imagine. The night can be filled with good fun, games, candy and more.

How do you start? You start by gathering the family and have them all brain storm on some ideas for entertaining the guests. This can include some fun filled Halloween games. For the littlest ones, why not have Howling game. All you need is a big box. The box needs to be big enough for a child to sit inside.  

Before the party, have your little one decorate the box to look like a haunted house. An adult should cut out the small windows. During the party, each child will take a turn sitting inside the box, with their eyes closed, while another child takes a turn outside, making a howling sound. The child inside must identify which child made the sound. If he or she gets the identity correct, the child wins a treat.

Younger children can also take part in a pin the tail on the donkey style game, with the donkey being replaced with a pumpkin.

Older children may take part in a mystery game, where the host hides a black stuffed cat (or other stuffed Halloween animal) somewhere in the party area. Give the children clues on where the cat is. The winner should be awarded a prize.

Of course, the best part of the night, should be an old fashioned costume judging contest. This can be done by category:  prettiest, scariest, and most original. All guests should be judged and the guests themselves should be the ones choosing the winners by random and anonymous drawings, which are tallied by the host and hostess.  Winners can be rewarded handy or random awards.