How to Create Dramatic "Gypsy" Eyes

How to Create Dramatic "Gypsy" Eyes

If you want to be a gypsy for Halloween, knowing how to create very dramatic, mysterious eyes with make-up will help you take your costume over the edge from so-so to fabulous. Here's what you need to know to have the best and the boldest gypsy eyes on the block:
  • Start with a clean face. Always make sure your face is clean, dried, and moisturized before you apply any make-up.

  • Cover eyelids with a light or creamy foundation. Apply a layer of foundation over eyelids, avoiding the corners of the eyes so as not to cause irritation. Make sure the foundation is well-blended. Dust with a loose powder to set.

  • Take care of trouble spots. Do you have dark circles under your eyes, or out of control bushy eyebrows? Take care of these trouble spots as best as you can. Try thick concealers to cover blemishes, and apply them with a brush for best results. Shape eyebrows regularly using tweezers or wax.

  • Get exotic with eyeliner. Make your eyeliner bold and thick when going for the gypsy look. For added mystery, extend the eyeliner past the outer corner of the eye, in a straight line or in a gentle upward curve or slant. Liquid eyeliners tend to look more dramatic, but they are hard to apply without lots of practice. If you have an unsteady hand, go for the pencil eyeliners, and apply two coats to darken the color.

  • Go Glittery. Finally, complete your gypsy eyes by dusting eyelids with metallic, glittery eyeshadow. Try gold, copper, or metallic lavender shades to enhance your mystique.

  • Mascara, people! Mascara makes a world of difference in bringing out the beauty of the eyes. Go for a basic black, and use an eyelash brush and curler for best results.

Although following these steps will get your eyes looking positively gorgeous, you don't have to fit this formula precisely. Let loose your creativity and allow your bold, eccentric spirit free reign.