Keeping your child safe this Halloween

Keeping your child safe this Halloween

Think safety and fun this Halloween

While you are coming up with a scary, sweet or creative costume for your child this Halloween, you should also think about his or her safety. This is something you should definitely think about if he or she will be roaming the street, taking part in the traditional trick or treating. Luckily, this year it seems manufacturers are also thinking about their safety. There is more safety geared Halloween themed items than any other year and they are readily available at most department stores.

These items include glow sticks that the kids can add to their costumes in the way of bracelets, necklaces and even glow enhanced masks.  These glow sticks work like the ones you see during the July Fourth Holiday. You just break the stick and presto, you have light. The light will burn throughout the Halloween night and your child will be seen by all, even passing drivers. Parents can even tape some reflective tape onto their child’s costumes to help them stand out even more during the dark night.

What other safety tips should parents remember and instill in their children during this fun night? Children should know not to Trick or Treat alone. It is best if children enjoy this night in groups. This is why many parents will get together or organize this event before the big night. A few parents will agree to chaperone a group of children at the same time. There is safety and more fun in numbers.

One should also think about safety when they are planning those creative costumes. Makeup can be better than wearing masks, even those that glow in the dark. Masks can detour breathing and can become hot. If one looks hard enough, they can find some glow in the dark makeup or they can stick with the glowing bracelets and necklaces.  One should also remember not to allow a child to carry a pretend sword or knife that has a sharp edge. Some of those plastic pretend knives can be a bit sharp at the edge.

Finally, teach your children that no treats are to be eaten until they are examined by a parent. You may even wish to take advantage of some programs that area hospitals provides including free X-ray exams for candy before allowing children to eat. You also may want to stick to allowing your children to only trick or treat at houses or businesses that you know and trust the adults.

Yes, Halloween can be a night of fun. By following a few simple safety rules, it can be a night of safe filled fun, as well.