Shopping for Halloween candy doesn’t have to be an expensive chore

Shopping for Halloween candy doesn’t have to be an expensive chore

Tips to help one save money while shopping for Halloween candy, even the good stuff

Yes, shopping for Halloween candy can throw off your weekly or monthly budget, especially if you don’t know the tips on how to shop wisely. No, shopping wisely doesn’t mean that you can’t buy some of that good name brand candy that the kids and adults love. It just means you have to shop wisely and you can’t put this task off until the last minute.

First, you should head to your local dollar store. This is the store where you can stock on up on some of the essential items you will need. These items can even include some candy.  

Once you are there, head to the Halloween area. Begin by browsing through the candy aisle. Do you see any name brand candy? Yes, some dollar stores will carry the name brand candy in bags. Look at the amount. If it is suitable, get it. Next, look at some of the bags of candy that have some individual wrapped chocolates or other candy items. Does any of them look like something you or your children would eat? These could make some nice filler candy? Consider purchasing some of these bags.

Now look beyond the candy. Try to find some zip locked snack bags that you can put the candy in and hand to the trick or treaters when they appear at your door. You shouldn’t just put your candy in a big bowl and allow the children to dig into it. If you do this, you may run out of candy, before you do trick or treaters. Finally, look for a festive bowl to put your bags in once you have them filled.

What is left? Next, is a trip to that department store or drug store. However, before you go, browse through any newspapers you may have at home for any candy coupons, as well as sale ads.

Yes, you can’t skip a trip to the bigger stores, if you want to get the good stuff to finish filling your snack bags. Yet, remember the bags you are filling don’t have to be completely full. A tip for this trip is to check prices and consider quantity. Make sure there is enough good candy in the bags that are worth the cost.