Sugar coated apple treats

Sugar coated apple treats

Festive treats for parties or for the family

Who says Halloween has to be just for the kids? Who also says that an adult can’t enjoy some of the fun snacks and some of the favorite party foods that are often served during Halloween? Shouldn’t everyone enjoy a little bit of fun during this holiday?

First, what do you think of when you think Halloween? Do you think of sugar coated apples on a stick? Do you think of how much these were to eat when you were a child? Why not eat some today?

You will begin by gathering your ingredients: 12 red delicious apples, 12 candy sticks, 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of light corn syrup, 1 cup of hot water, ¼ teaspoon of liquid red food coloring.

Line a baking sheet with some nonstick paper. Wash and dry your apples.

Combine sugar, corn, syrup, water into a medium size sauce pan. You will want to use medium to high heat. Stir ingredients until the sugar dissolves. Now you will want to place a candy thermometer into the candy. The goal is to not stir the mixture. Allow the temperature to rise to 250 degrees. Yet, watch to make sure the mixture does not become crystallized. Once the thermometer reaches 250 degrees remove it from the stove. Now slowly stir in the red food coloring.

Now you can begin adding the apples to the mixture. Place a stick into the apple and then place the apple into the mixture, twirling it around in it.  Allow the excess to drip back into the pan. Now place the apple onto the pan and allow the mixture to harden. Repeat these steps with each apple. Allow the apples to harden at room temperature for about an hour before eating.