Three Spooky Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Three Spooky Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Do you feel like you could truly live the Addams Family lifestyle, if only you had a few more spooky decorations to adorn your home? Here are three decorating ideas you can put together yourself using common household items and a little creativity. Advanced crafting skill is not necessary; even the artistically-challenged can have the creepiest home on the block! Here's what you'll need to make all three projects:
  • white sheets or other unwanted white or gauzy fabric remnants

  • scissors

  • a knife

  • paint

  • string or fishing line

  • Styrofoam blocks (you can save some from your holiday gift packages!)

  • black trash bag

  • newspaper

The Hanging Ghost: For your first spooky decorating project, you'll create a family of ghosts to dangle from your ceilings and entryways. Cut sheets or other white fabric into squares of various sizes—large for big ghosts, small for baby ghosts. To create each ghost, place shredded fabric scraps or newspaper in the middle of the square, then gather up the fabric and tie off with a piece of string to create the head. Use paint to create spooky eyes and mouth, then hang your ghosts with an additional piece of string strung through the top of the head and secured to the ceiling with a tack or push pin. These ghosts also work well outside—hang them from trees and let them flutter in the wind.

The Graveyard: The next project is to make a graveyard. Carve the styrofoam blocks into tombstone shapes, then paint them gray. Once they're dry, add names and epitaphs with black paint, then place them around the walls or in the yard for a scary effect.

The Spider: To complete your haunted house, create an enormous spider to place on the porch or arrange in a lonely corner. Fill the bottom portion of a black trash bag with newspaper, then tie off with string to create the spider's head. Paint on the eyes, then cut slits in the loose portion of the bag to make the legs.

With these easy-to-make spooky decorations, your house will look haunted year-round!