Thrift stores make excellent Halloween shopping headquarters

Thrift stores make excellent Halloween shopping headquarters

Save money by doing your Halloween shopping at thrift stores.

Yes, you can find some really nice Halloween costumes at those department stores and costume shops. However, you can also pay some expensive prices for those costumes. Plus, buying those costumes completely ready-to-wear takes some of the joy out of Halloween. These are two reasons why many people will go to thrift stores to shop for their Halloween costumes. In fact, many people will make the thrift store hunt their annual Halloween tradition.  How does this tradition work?

Some people will head to their local thrift store weeks in advance of Halloween. They will go with a costume idea or two in mind. Then they will see what they can find. If they want to be a witch, they look for a black dress. If they wish to be a clown, they may look for something bright and large. There are a lot of choices one can start to imagine once they enter the thrift store.

Bride dresses are an excellent choice for many outfits. One can go the traditional route and just dress up as a bride. One could go the ghoulish route and become the Bride of Frankenstein. One could even become a zombie bride.

Army outfits are a popular choice for both men and women. All you need is a pair of camouflage pants and a nice T-shirt.

If you love the idea of dressing up, why not become a princess for the night? You can easily do this by heading toward the formal department. Pick up a frilly dress and you can be a princess. Of course, this dress can work for many other costumes as well. It can even be ripped, darkened with fake blood or shortened to fit the role you want to play for the night.

Yes, this is the perfect reason to choose the thrift store for your Halloween clothing choices. You don’t have to worry about painting, ripping or altering the clothes. You can have fun turning them into the costume of your dreams.  Plus, any accessories you may need may easily be found cheaply at your nearest Dollar Store, keeping your complete costume at an ultimate inexpensive price.