Top Halloween Costumes for 2012

Top Halloween Costumes for 2012

With a new year quickly approaching, it's time to wonder ahead to what Halloween 2012 might have in store. With so much hype surrounding 2012, I expect many people will want to go all out with their Halloween bashes and costumes, just in case it does turn out to be the end of the world! Here are my predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes for 2012:

Aliens: Rumors about a major shift in the cosmos in 2012 that opens the way for intergalactic space travel will make the alien look a popular costume choice next Halloween. The tried and true “Gray” style will be in fashion as ever, but expect to see less traditional aliens as well. The continued rise of Lady Gaga will inspire some to opt for a more unusual monster/alien hybrid costume.

Politicians: The upcoming elections will make political-themed costumes a hot choice for Halloween 2012. Though current candidates will be most represented, look also for throwbacks to politicians past. Broom-riding, gun-toting Michele Bachmanns will roam the streets, whilst real Witches sport buttons proclaiming, “She's NOT one of us!” Jesus Obamas will perform miracles, while George Bush continues to morph into Alfred E. Neuman.

Zombies: While we differ on the details, most of us agree that if there is going to be any sort of apocalypse, zombies will most definitely be involved. Expect zombies inspired by “Night of the Living Dead,” Fox News, and Michael Jackson's “Thriller” to be especially popular.

Now, if you want to follow the trends, hop on these ideas early and you'll fit right in. If you prefer a more stand-out costume, just steer clear of the aliens, politicians, and zombies, and you'll be just fine.