Why Candles are a Halloween Must-Have

Why Candles are a Halloween Must-Have

More Great Ways to Make Use of Candles this Halloween

Candles are a must-have for Halloween. Candles help create a spooky atmosphere, and with a little creativity, they provide lots of entertainment value, too. Here are a few ways to use candles this Halloween to make your celebration more meaningful and magical.


Games: Play games with candles. See who can blow out the candles from the farthest distance. You might also choose several candles of identical size and have people stake their bets on which one will burn the longest. Give prizes to the winning teams.

Halloween Traditions: One important Halloween tradition for many celebrants is making contact with the deceased, our ancestors and other loved ones who have passed on. Candles can be used for a simple form of spirit communication. Some say that a candle will flicker if a ghost is present. Invite your guests to have fun posing questions to any “visiting spirits,” and watch the flame of a candle. A growing flame can indicate a “yes” response, while a shrinking flame says “no.”

Magic: Halloween is a night heavily associated with witches, so why not have a little fun working some real life magic? Invite your guest to carve meaningful symbols into the wax of unlit candles to represent their goals and dreams. A person desiring more wealth might make a dollar sign, while a person seeking greater romance might make a heart. Burn the candles to symbolize the burning desire and the light of hope and success that makes our dreams into realities.

With these ideas in mind and a few candlesticks and candles on hand, your Halloween will be off to a great start!