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Singer Halloween Costumes

Yes, it’s time to start planning!

My daughter and I chose several costume books at the library to start browsing through for our Halloween plans this year, and we were most impressed with the Singer Sewing Reference Library Halloween Costumes book. Not only is it full of complete colored photos, it also has full step by step instructions to follow in creating the beautiful costumes included within it.

The book is organized in an easy to use format, beginning with a section on making costumes comfortable as well as safe for children (and adults) to wear. A chapter on various styles of costumes follows, which includes gowns, tabards, and other forms of costumes you can choose from. This makes it easy to find what you want in terms of weather conditions and safety concerns.

A chapter completely on headwear is presented next, which includes items such as hoods, hats, crowns, and more. You will discover how to make a halo, beautiful bejeweled crowns, ears for animal costumes, and even antennas for insects. What I also love about this—and other sections—is that you can also get ideas for simple face painting and glitter use to go well with the costumes themselves.

People can also learn how to make various accessories for their costumes in the book, such as wings, fairy wands, and more. Instructions for making capes are included, which will come in handy for both superheroes as well as villains.

Finally, special finishing touches are covered in the last chapter. These are those special details that will make your costumes stand out, such as gloves and collars. Various leg and arm accents are also covered, as are different patterns of face painting. You may know to use gloves to cover hands, for example, but have you ever thought about covering them with scales—or gluing on fake fingernails and painting them for an effect?

Most of the costumes in the book are fun and whimsical; not many (if any at all) are scary. It’s a great book for children to peek through and decide if they want to use any of these costumes for ideas for their Halloween this year.

And even if you don’t like any of the ideas presented within this book, you can still use many of the ideas within it to base other costumes on. For example, I am planning on being Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd this year and while my costume was obviously not in this family-friendly book, the witch outfit, with some modifications, could work for that purpose.