December 2011

Top Halloween Costumes for 2012

With a new year quickly approaching, it's time to wonder ahead to what Halloween 2012 might have in store. With so much hype surrounding 2012, I expect many people will want to go all out with their Halloween bashes and costumes, just in case it does turn out to be the end of the world! Here are my predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes for 2012:

How to Make an Elf Costume

A festive costume for the Holiday season!

Good to wear for Halloween and festive winter parties, an elf costume is cute and fun, and best of all, it's easy and inexpensive to make one yourself! You only need a few items, some of which you might already have in your wardrobe. The rest can be purchased from a craft supply store for only a few dollars. Here's what you need to get:

How to Shop for Halloween at Christmas

The Christmas season can be a bit of a downer for those of us who live for Halloween! All that cheer and merriment makes us yearn for the realism of the dark and shadowy. If you know how to look and what to look for, however, the Christmas season is actually a great time to start planning ahead and shopping for next Halloween. Don't believe me? Consider these costumes that make use of items that are best bought during the winter holidays: