January 2012

Spooky Halloween Fun

Sure, trick-or-treating is a fun and indispensable Halloween activity, but some of us crave something a bit more spooky. Try these ideas next Halloween, and get your fright on.

Go to the Graveyard. Take the party to the cemetery for a traditional Day of the Dead picnic. Have the picnic at sundown, then stick around and see if more mysterious spirits come to call once the moon begins to rise. Leave offerings of herbs and flowers on the graves, and take some time to sit quietly near any graves that intrigue you. Pay attention to your senses, thoughts, and surroundings. You might receive a special sign or message from the great beyond.

Secrets to Make an Authentic Witch Costume

So you want to be a witch next Halloween—join the club! Since Halloween happens to be one of the most sacred nights of the year for real Witches, the witch costume is a long-standing favorite in Halloween garb. Before you grab the warty rubber nose and head out the door looking exactly like all the other broom-toters out there on the Halloween streets, take a look at these quick tips for creating a Halloween witch costume with greater authenticity, uniqueness, and flair.