September 2012

Shopping for Halloween candy doesn’t have to be an expensive chore

Tips to help one save money while shopping for Halloween candy, even the good stuff

Yes, shopping for Halloween candy can throw off your weekly or monthly budget, especially if you don’t know the tips on how to shop wisely. No, shopping wisely doesn’t mean that you can’t buy some of that good name brand candy that the kids and adults love. It just means you have to shop wisely and you can’t put this task off until the last minute.

First, you should head to your local dollar store. This is the store where you can stock on up on some of the essential items you will need. These items can even include some candy.  

Keeping your child safe this Halloween

Think safety and fun this Halloween

While you are coming up with a scary, sweet or creative costume for your child this Halloween, you should also think about his or her safety. This is something you should definitely think about if he or she will be roaming the street, taking part in the traditional trick or treating. Luckily, this year it seems manufacturers are also thinking about their safety. There is more safety geared Halloween themed items than any other year and they are readily available at most department stores.

These items include glow sticks that the kids can add to their costumes in the way of bracelets, necklaces and even glow enhanced masks.  These glow sticks work like the ones you see during the July Fourth Holiday. You just break the stick and presto, you have light. The light will burn throughout the Halloween night and your child will be seen by all, even passing drivers. Parents can even tape some reflective tape onto their child’s costumes to help them stand out even more during the dark night.

Thrift stores make excellent Halloween shopping headquarters

Save money by doing your Halloween shopping at thrift stores.

Yes, you can find some really nice Halloween costumes at those department stores and costume shops. However, you can also pay some expensive prices for those costumes. Plus, buying those costumes completely ready-to-wear takes some of the joy out of Halloween. These are two reasons why many people will go to thrift stores to shop for their Halloween costumes. In fact, many people will make the thrift store hunt their annual Halloween tradition.  How does this tradition work?

Some people will head to their local thrift store weeks in advance of Halloween. They will go with a costume idea or two in mind. Then they will see what they can find. If they want to be a witch, they look for a black dress. If they wish to be a clown, they may look for something bright and large. There are a lot of choices one can start to imagine once they enter the thrift store.

Dressing like a sexy cat for Halloween

Sexy Halloween costume idea

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to dress up and have some fun. You can sport a funny costume, a scary costume or a sexy, as well as daring costume. You could even dress up as your favorite animal and put a sexy turn to it. This is what many ladies do every year when they dress up as the ultimate purr-fectly sexy kitten.

First, they think color. Do they want to be a pure white cat or a daring black cat? Most women will prefer to go with the black since most men will say that black is the sexiest of all colors.